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After Thanos clicked at the end of Infinity War, half of all life in the universe turned to dust. Someone is trying to come to terms with the loss, someone, after the loss of loved ones, goes crazy. And the remnants of the Avengers, the space raccoon Rocket and Captain Marvel, who arrived at the pager's call, are trying to find a way to fix everything. But to do this, they need to find Thanos and take the Stones away from him - at any cost.

Still from the movie "Avengers: Endgame"
The new "Avengers" find themselves in a dire situation Even the loudest and most anticipated blockbusters of the last, I don’t know, century didn’t dream of a dream (only the seventh “Star Wars” come to mind, but even there the situation is simpler). Along with a huge reverence for the film for its very existence - not everyone believed in Feige and the team's ability to put an end (or at least a bold comma) in their grandiose plan - comes an even more impressive burden of responsibility. A minefield of theories and plots that, in the viewer's view, can easily turn out to be more interesting than what they will eventually see: the fan's fantasy had a whole year to have time to play out pretty robustly and build the wildest expectations.

A still from the movie "Avengers: Endgame"
All the past Marvel experience here works as a musical resonator - amplifies any hit of "Endgame", but makes every wrong note louder and more painful. The film is generally easy to imagine as an ultimatum collection of all the advantages and disadvantages of the MCU, which together accumulate in a three-hour epic.From the first - the usual drive and amusing play with characters, a one-dimensional, but spectacular exhibition of folk achievements, where each "cool" hero looks even cooler, but each boring one strives to suck all the joy out of the screen space more than ever before. From the second - too obvious sociality (there is, for example, an ugly shot where all the superheroines line up to show that they are here, yes, they are present) and insultingly little attention to action expressiveness. For a blockbuster of unprecedented scale, "Endgame" looks not that cheap, but not particularly impressive: Disney generally began to save a lot on CGI and spectacular directors.

Still from Avengers: Endgame "
After Infinity War, which found fresh intonation within the MCU," Endgame "may even seem a little regressive - it does not try to show anything new and too unexpected. But, in general, this is how good endings of good TV series should work (which, undoubtedly, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is): to generalize and summarize, not to complicate, but to simplify the narrative already overloaded with events and heroes. Therefore, it was so important to find directors like the Russo brothers - thorough artisans who, with a warm heart and a cold head, are able to unravel the giant ambitions of the megaplot.

Still from the movie "The Avengers: Endgame"
They are measured they count the conflicts and manipulate with mathematical precision the input (and through them the audience), from the overloaded "given" they deduce a rather slender "solution".None of the heroes, to whom only the most cynical spectators have managed to get used to for 11 years, will not be deprived of attention here, they will sum up all the necessary features and results: from each, as they say, according to his abilities, to each - according to catharsis. It's a shame, except that for Thanos, for whom there was absolutely no place at this celebration of life - the colorful antagonist from "War of Infinity" with at least some of his philosophy (albeit stupid) became a typical one-day villain with absurd destructive plans, whose liveliness was limited to that very a reference to the "Gladiator" from the trailers.

Still from the movie "Avengers: Endgame"
But everyone forgotten here will definitely be remembered, all old abscesses will be opened for the last time: "Endgame" passes along a kind of walk of fame, he quotes whole scenes and, without any twinges of conscience, is engaged in frank fan service. However, he does it mostly talented and moderately witty (although there is one hysterically funny gag). Yes, and it would be strange to scold him for too strong a craving for nostalgia - Marvel deserved a little narcissism, and fans are only glad to see him. The rest, in general, is not so important - the film has the wrong goals to seriously criticize it for its lack of originality. is slender dramatically. Even if, with the exception of details, the denouement is more or less clear to everyone (especially with the knowledge of which sequels have already been launched into production), live suspense does not go anywhere - fortunately, the script beats are arranged with the same academic flair. In the best moments